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All TV productions are consisting of many different elements. We offer these either itemised or as complete package. The main scope of duties of the best boys are the scheduling and the organisational and technical coordination and realisation of innovative concepts - always keeping an eye on a reasonable cost-performance-ratio.


Host broadcasting

Host broadcasting is our core business. In the past, resident TV stations were producing the worldwide footage of international sport-events. Nowadays, private companies are producing these complex transmissions out of the arenas and provide all required services for the multitude of national broadcasters. These days HDTV is the standard for worldwide transmissions – even out of the most outlying places in the world.

Using our international networking we realise on behalf of broadcasters, holders of rights and organisers the entire transmission of their events. On the basis of precise scheduling, innovative ideas and accurate realisation we provide and coordinate all services and subsections in fulfillment.

TV production

Best boys are specialised in live-TV-coverage and recording of events. Whether national or international TV production, a TV show or a sport-event, a Rock Concert or classical music – we know how it works.

Every TV production is unique. The difference is made by innovative ideas in the concept of production, by quality and its costs. Most important: an impressive picture can only be created with perfect sound. We have the experience, the technical partner-companies, the staff and the capacity to provide outstanding TV productions – at a reasonable cost-performance-ratio.

Staff service:

  • cameramen
  • directors
  • editor
  • ENG-Crew
  • EVS-Operator
  • graphic artist
  • illuminator
  • make-up artists
  • producer
  • production manager
  • production engineers
  • rigger
  • SG-Operator
  • slow motion-operator
  • sound engineers and audio technicians
  • stage builder
  • steady cam-operator
  • subeditors
  • vision mixer and technical staff

Technical Service:

  • aerial platform
  • audio mobile
  • broadcasting van
  • camera-platforms
  • camera-motorbike
  • catering
  • companies for equipping
  • editing-mobiles and editing suites
  • glass studios
  • graphic-systems
  • helicopter
  • highlight places
  • meeting-mobiles
  • platforms
  • power units
  • SNG + Uplink
  • Special cameras (crane, rail, flycam etc.)
  • virtual graphics
  • wireless radio-cameras
  • working platforms
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