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ITU Triathlon Kitzbühel - The Mountain Stage


This year the event in Kitzbühel is slightly different - first time the Austrian Alps provide not just the background - this time the course is largely uphill. The 2013 race will break from traditional sprint or standard distance that athletes are used to seeing in ITU races. After completing a 750m swim, triathletes will cycle through the village of Kitzbühel and then begin an ascent of 867 meters over 11.5km of hairpin mountain roads before facing another 136-meter incline on the 2.5km run.

best boys is responsible for full TV-production. Our Team of 60 specialists take the challenge with two different TV-Compounds (one at the lake for start and swim, the other one on top of the Kitzhorn with the main direction and as receive point for all incoming wireless signals). We will use two OBVans, helicopter with cineflex and two motorbikes with live cameras to cover the action of the event.

On top we service german broadcaster ARD with all technical facilities for their unilateral broadcast.

ITU Triathlon Kitzbühel - The Mountain Stage
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